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Mental Perk psychological services was started in June 2016 as a way to eventually incorporate the varied areas of psychological therapy  into a one stop shop for professional mental health care provision.

Dr Catherine Norton, has worked in the health care industry for over twenty five years and felt that the provision of mental health services in Ireland required change. That for so long, psychological  services were provided in a way that compounded the social stigma associated with mental healthcare. While small changes have occurred over the years social stigma still exists in our societal, institutional and corporate structures.

Catherine’s vision is that one day everybody will view mental health services from a positive perspective. That mental health services become so openly available and widely accepted by the general public, healthcare institutions and corporations that a positive accepting attitude is extended to those that require such services, when and wherever they are needed. That from this perspective society will accept that no individual has perfect mental equilibrium all the time, that we are all at some point in our lives in need of a helping hand. That seeking out help is not a sign of weakness or something society should stigmatize, but rather an accepted part of a healthy approach to life, like having a good diet or regular exercise regime. After all, a healthy strong mind is the best foundation upon which to build everything else in life we value.

Mental Perk psychological services is the first step in the manifestation of Catherine's vision. Ensuring that a helping hand is always extended, so people can reach out and connect with trained professionals,  whose area of expertise best match their requirements. Where everybody can find psychological services and treatments that cater for their specific needs in a relaxed, caring, understanding and non-judgmental environment. 

A place where having a cup of tea or coffee and a chat can be a Perk not just to your mind but also to your body and soul.

Catherine believes that everybody, not only deserves, but needs a positive Mental Perk once in a while and when it comes to personal mental health,  that  - ‘nil satis nisi optimum’ - only the best is good enough.


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