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Corporations & Business Section

To assist small businesses and large corporations in their strides to provide a positive working environment for their management and staff, Mental Perk offers a wide range of specific services or larger corporate packages that can be tailored to suit any organisations mental health requirements. 

Specific Services

Mental Perk offers multifarious business services that can be delivered in isolation or in conjunction with others to either enhance or facilitate the creation of a positive mental health culture in small to large working environments.

Mental Perk runs a wide range of both highly focused to wider generic mental health talks, workshops, seminars and training sessions that can be delivered in house or off site.

They can  be designed to cater for both small and large groups from management to floor staff on topics that for example include:

  • Dealing with mental health from a management perspective
  • Creating a healthy workplace from a psychological perspective
  • Achieving a work-Life balance
  • Managing stress and Depression
  • Improving Memory for better productivity
  • Mental Health your best friend or worst enemy

Mental Perk also provides the facility for business owners to offer their employee's or themselves a personal session with one of our psychologists for a private consultation on both work and non-work related issues. 

If you would like to get more details about our specific business packages or business services please do not hesitate too contact us .

Corporate Packages

Mental Perk can work with your management team or Human Resource department in reviewing and analyzing your current workplace practices, organisational structures and support frameworks so as to improve or enhance your current policies and procedures in turn fostering a culture where positive mental health is not only nurtured but becomes a valued corporate goal and daily practice.

Mental Perk will provide a report focused on the psychological health and mental well-being of your employee's and their specific working environment. This report will highlight areas of concern within the organisation from a mental health perspective and will  outline a framework that will both cater for and improve your employee's mental health. Mental Perk can design, structure and deliver this framework and be engaged to monitor its progression and ongoing organisational impact.

Mental Perk as mentioned above in the specific services section can see employee's on a one to one basis and can be engaged as part of a wider corporate package to deliver this service on a specific or ongoing basis. This service can either be supplemented by the organisation or paid for in full as part of their health insurance policy, depending on the policy specific terms and conditions.

If you would like to get more details about our corporate packages or business services please do not hesitate too contact us .

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