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Mental Perk's Cost Structure

Prospective clients will have a brief phone conversation with one of our psychologists. This is carried out so as to ensure that there is a need for you to see a psychologist and if you would benefit by availing of  Mental Perk's services. This facility is offered to you free

The following session with one of our psychologists lasts between 60 - 90 minutes  and is priced at     € 100.00        Medical Card / Student  € 90.00

This initial face to face session is where the psychologist will discuss areas that are of personal concern for you and what you hope to achieve  from the therapy sessions. They will collect a full history from you and ask related questions so as to ascertain what treatment options and programs will benefit you most. This first session will last a little longer that the normal session time of 60mins.   

The second and all subsequent sessions will last 60 minutes each and are priced at a lower cost of     € 85.00.        Medical Card / Student  € 75.00

After the first session a breakdown of your specific treatment plan will be provided. This will outline the potential treatment options which are available. What potential benefits each would provide and the specific number of sessions for each option. It will also include a cost breakdown analysis for each option suggested. If you require any clarification with regard to this breakdown your psychologist will discuss this with you in detail.

Mental Perk also offers a discount if you purchase 12 sessions at once which is priced at                  € 1000.00      Medical Card / Student  € 900.00

Neuropsychological testing is a specialized division of psychology and involves a specific personalised program where standardized testing materials are utilized and the specific cost of your program will be discussed with you in detail by Mental Perk's resident neuropsychologist.

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