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Mental Perk's Website - Privacy Statement

Mental Perk Psychological Services Limited, here after referred to as Mental Perk, values and respects your right to privacy. We at Mental Perk know that you care about how information about you is collected, stored and shared, so we appreciate your trust in us to treat it like we would our own private information and to protect it accordingly.

This privacy statement is to provide clarity and outline for you exactly how we collect information about you, how we use it, how we will handle any personal information you provide us with while using our website, and how you can interact with us about it. If however, you find anything contained in this privacy statement unsatisfactory you should cease using the website forthwith, as by visiting and continued usage you are deemed to accept the terms of the websites privacy statement.

Furthermore, any use of the external links contained on is done so with the knowledge that they are provided for convenience and general information purposes only, that Mental Perk's inclusion of any such external link(s) does not imply any relationship between itself and that third party or the information contained on their websites. Consequently, Mental Perk does not have any responsibility for, or influence over the terms contained in the privacy policies of these other websites or how their data collection, distribution and security polices may impact upon your personal privacy and the security of your personal data, as such, any utilization of any external links is your sole responsibility. 

Information collected by Mental Perk and what it is used for

There are two types of information which may be collected and retained by Mental Perk while you use its website, namely data which can be used to identify you and data which cannot be used to identify you.

The information which can be used to identify you must be provided by you voluntarily and in so doing you are deemed to consent to its use by Mental Perk as outlined in this privacy statement and any future versions of it. This information may include personal information like your name, home or office address, email details, home or mobile phone number, date of birth, bank or credit card information or any other personal details that you voluntarily provide.

It is collected when you provide it:

  •     While requesting feedback, making a comment or requesting an appointment using one of our online forms.
  •     While purchasing a product or service in Mental Perk's on-line shop.
  •     When you make an on-line payment for a product or service.

It is used:

  •     To provide you with the information and services you request using our feedback, comment and appointment request forms.
  •     To provide you with the products or services you purchase in Mental Perk's on-line shop.
  •     To facilitate its online payment services.
  •     To contact you periodically with details of services or products we feel you may be interested in hearing about.

We will never disclose any of your personal details to any third party unless we have your written consent to such disclosures, with three exceptions.
  • It will be assumed that if you order a product from Mental Perk's online shop that consent is received form you for your name and mailing address to be passed onto a third party delivery service, so we can fulfill your requested order.
  • If a payment is made through our secure online payment facility, payment details will pass through a third party service provider.
  • If Mental Perk having received legal advice is obligated to disclose your personal details so as to comply with any applicable laws, legal summons, search warrant, court or regulatory order or any other statutory requirement. However, we will contact you in advance and inform you of our intended actions with regard to any such request or order. 

It must be noted that the internet is such that Mental Perk cannot guarantee with 100% certainty the security of any personal details you voluntarily transmit to us via the internet, as no data transmission carried out online can be guaranteed to be completely secure. However, all your personal data in held on secure servers hosted by our internet service provider and we will take all reasonable steps both technical, organisational and operational to protect your personal data. We will also fully comply with our obligations under the Data Protection legislation and as such you have the right to contact us at at any time to find out what personal data we hold on you for a minimal charge of ∈6.35. We will also update, make changes to, or have your personal data permanently deleted if requested by you to do so.

Other information that may be collected while you use the website is purely statistical or analytical in nature and is collected on an aggregated basis from all visitors to and as such, it is impossible to utilize this data for identification purposes. This information is collected, collated and analyzed so as to get a more accurate perspective of how visitors to our site use the service and how we at Mental Perk can better structure and organize the website to improve its user interface and associated experience.  

Changes to The Privacy Statement

Mental Perk reserves the right to make alterations to this privacy statement from time to time but any changes will be posted to this website so as to ensure full disclosure and keep you informed of what information we collect, how we utilize it and under what specific circumstances if any we disclose it. Furthermore, if at any time we intend to use all or part of your personal data in a manner that is significantly different from that stated in the websites privacy statement, or otherwise disclosed to you at the time it was collected we will notify you and give you the choice as to whether or not we are permitted to utilize your details for the newly outlined purpose. 

We thank you for taking the time to read our privacy statement here at Mental Perk and hope you enjoy exploring our website.  

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